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The best way of learning how to write and prepare a pub quiz, is to have organised and presented pub quiz nights over a number of years. During our time of doing exactly that, we have learned how to conduct proceedings, so that the whole night runs seamlessly, and so that quizzers are never left hanging, waiting for something to happen, or for the pub quizmaster to begin proceedings. One of the quizmaster's best tools to assist in this process is the handout round.

Handout rounds can take many forms, we are developing a number of different templates, but you will currently find 2 excellent products on our website. Firstly, the picture round, which consist of 10 photographs or images, they may be themed, for example, cartoons, famous snooker players, cities of the world etc. or they may just be a mixed series of famous faces. The other type of handout available, is the mixed puzzle round, these sheets contain a series of different sections within, which contain anagrams, link word puzzles, ditloids, dingbats, map puzzles, flags, nicknames, and much, much, more.

All of the handouts are different, interesting and stimulating, and all are designed to keep the pub quiz audience entertained at the start of the evening. It is particularly useful to provide the handouts to quiz teams as they arrive, to entertain them, whilst other teams arrive before the quiz starts. Also, it is important to take short breaks between rounds to allow teams a chance to get drinks, take comfort breaks, smoke, and during these periods the teams can return to the handout rounds to finish them off.

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