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On our website, you will find a number of, what we call, connections quiz rounds. These quiz rounds are extremely popular with our live quiz audiences. The idea is that there are 10 general questions; based on any subject, usually mixed up categories, but all the answers, or at least part of the answers all have a common theme, something that links them all together. This type of quiz adds a new dimension to a quiz, because it leaves the door open for teams to revisit answers that they are unsure of, once the connection has been discovered. If a particular answer they have written down does not fit with the connection, they can obviously change it. The other aspect is that The quizmaster may decide to award bonus points for those teams who correctly identify what the link is. On our website you will find quiz rounds with connections such as TV gladiators, The Old Testament, Gun Parts, Medieval Torture Devices, Monopoly, Twins, Beers, Hospitals, Terrorists, Mambo Number 5, Cocktails, Football Teams, Birds, Black and many, many, more.

Many of our picture puzzles handout rounds are based on connections, or at least have a common theme running through them you will find picture rounds which have the following connections Cheeses, Cartoon Characters, Oscar Winners, TV Sleuths, Cars, Famous Australians, Famous Canadians, famous welsh, Famous Irish, Soap stars and many, many, more.


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