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We have found, from customer and client feedback that current affairs, and topical quiz or themed quiz nights are popular with audiences. For this reason, in our latest quizzes section you will find a series of featured quizzes, for example, as St Patricks day approaches you will find a featured Irish quiz pack, and similarly for St.George's Day, American Independence Day, Australia Day etc etc. The themed quiz nights provide a break from the norm of a routine quiz night, and perhaps give a chance for other teams with different interests a chance to excel.

We will also attempt to add at least one current affairs quiz round each week, which will include a cross section of news, sport, entertainment, politics and pot pourri based upon world affairs which have been taking place over the last week or so. These rounds are always fresh for a quiz, and are always topical, hence they tend to promote a certain amount of banter or craic between participating teams, and indeed between the teams and the quizmaster. This kind of interaction is essential to maintain a thriving quiz environment. At one pound each these quiz rounds are essential additions for your quiz nights.

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