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Reasons you should start a new Pub Quiz in 2013

Why Run A Pub Quiz?

Still one of the most popular and cost effective ways to generate trade on a quiet night, the pub quiz is a great way to entertain your customers, in conjunction with us.

Running a successful pub quiz is not an exact science. The format you choose will depend on the type of pub you run and the customers who visit. Take the time to plan and organise a fun and enjoyable quiz and your customers will keep coming back and bring others with them.

Whether you decide to run you quiz weekly, fortnightly or monthly, be consistent with the day you hold it on (for example every Monday night or the first Sunday of each month). If people turn up at your pub expecting a quiz and you’ve moved it to a different night that week they will probably go away disappointed.

Advertising Your Quiz

Advertising is important and doesn’t have to cost lots of money. Providing your quiz if fun and enjoyable, word of mouth will be your most effective method of advertising. If people have a great night they will talk about it to their friends.

Put posters up around the bar to promote your quiz and maybe one or two in the window facing out.

Depending on your location, an A-board outside your pub can also be a good form of advertising, particularly if you are in a busy location with lots of people or traffic passing you pub.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming an increasingly popular way for pubs to keep their customers up to date with what’s on but make sure you keep the pages current and up to date as an outdated page with old postings can make it appear that you have stopped trading.

Also consider using the free listings in local What’s On guides both printed and online.

Finally, you might want to consider a local leaflet drop to houses in the area around your pub or even local newspaper advertising if the size of your venue warrants it.

Things to Consider When Running a Pub Quiz

When you start a pub quiz, don’t be disappointed and give up if you don’t get instant results, stick with it. I guarantee that if you have promoted the quiz properly and you use our products, in time, you will develop a successful and sustainable quiz night that makes money for your bar.

You will need someone to present and run your quiz, herein lies an opportunity for you to make significant savings. Most Publicans and Bar Managers are bubbly outgoing people who should have the right king of personality to present the night themselves.

It can cost anything up to £100 per night to hire a professional Quizmaster or DJ to present the quiz, this money can be saved.

By visiting and register for a premium account, you will have instant access to literally thousands of questions, hand-out rounds, picture puzzle rounds, and speciality quizzes for festivals, holidays and events which happen throughout the calendar year. What is more is that all of the questions and readymade pub quiz packs at your disposal have already been audience tested in a very successful pub quiz environment.

A yearly subscription to the website costs just £10 per year.

What are the benefits:-

  • Guaranteed upturn in bar custom and more pub sales which mean more profit
  • A chance to entice new clients to other pub events, and remember customers encourage other customers - FACT
  • Access to instant downloadable Pub Quiz material, without having to spend hours and hours setting the quizzes yourself, we have done all the hard work for you already
  • Big savings on running a quiz night, save up to £100 per night by presenting the quiz yourself
  • It is also possible to raise even more money by holding a meat raffle draw or sending around a football card for example
  • The access to interesting and varied pub quiz material which will amuse and entertain your audiences for years to come
  • The website also provides answer sheets and guidelines to explain properly how to manage the whole event, once you have done a couple you will realise just how easy it can be.

If the above proposal sounds like good business sense then you just need to follow the link above, visit the website, register for membership and start planning your quiz night, it is as easy as that. If you want to discuss anything you have read above you may contact us on 966775727 or 633324183 anytime.

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